Welcome to Duvets Direct

We have been specialising in the manufacture and sourcing of high quality filled products since 2006. We offer a great selection of duvets, pillows, mattress toppers and protectors direct to your door, catering for all budgets and personal requirements. Using the latest manufacturing processes, we ensure products are made ethically and environmentally, the majority of which are produced right here in the UK. Priding ourselves on a first class customer service team and importantly excellent value for money, making great quality products accessible to everyone, all of which contribute to the best night sleep ever.

As you will already know good sleep is vital for good health and definitely as important as eating well and getting exercise, however the quality of sleep has decreased over time and here at DuvetsDirect we aim to help anyone to get a better nights sleep, which will in turn increase your concentration, productivity and general health and well being. We often have very stressful and busy lives and we like to focus on ways to improve our sleep, as it is such an essential function that allows us to recharge and awake feeling refreshed.