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Choosing The Right Duvet

Choosing the right duvet can be a daunting task, there are so many options its mind boggling at times and finding someone to talk to about the terminology can be just as frustrating. You hear words like fill power, tog ratings, cassette construction, internal baffle walls, cotton cambric percale or cotton sateen weaves, it just goes on and on. Some of the things you will know is what duvet size you want, single, double, king superking or emperor duvet, these are all pretty standard here in the UK.

14 Jun 2023
Why Am I Too Hot?

The summer has just gone into overdrive this year, record daily temperatures have already been achieved and we still have the hotter months to come. For some this is welcome news as the previous summer was really a wash out and nothing to get very excited about, let’s go abroad we hear you shout! However, for some this is the start of a nightmare, hot night sweats and damp sheets are just two of the reasons summer is not everyone's idea of heaven and especially not a good night’s sleep!

How Much Sleep Is Enough?

There are so many varying opinions on how much sleep we should be getting each night. Some say that 8 hours is the ‘magic number’ and others swear that they only need 6 hours per night to make them feel refreshed for the next day but how many hours of sleep do we actually need each night and is it really that important for us to sleep for a certain amount of time every night?

What Does Tog Rating Mean?

What is a Duvet Tog rating? We are often asked this question and it basically means Thermal Overall Grade. The Thermal Overall Grade (Tog) is the unit of measurement used to rate the warmth and insulation of a duvet. 

24 Apr 2023
All Seasons Duvets

How much emphasis do you place on your health? Well, sleep is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, without it, just trying to function properly can be difficult. Lack of motivation, concentration and energy are just some of the factors that can be dramatically reduced by getting in those all-important sleeping hours.