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Are you looking for new deep fitted sheets? Today’s modern mattresses are now deeper than ever, much more comfortable and offer even greater support but are you finding it difficult to get the correct sheets? The standard mattress depth now in the UK is around 10 inches, it was around 7 inches, so if you have replaced your bed in the last few years then you may have had to get new fitted sheets as well. Getting in a new bed is one of life luxuries, so waking up half-way through the night to find the sheet wrapped around your ankles because it is too tight and just pinged off the edge when you moved, is going to get annoying really soon. So even if you have the same bed and you have bought a mattress topper or a thicker mattress protector, you may be in the market for some deeper sheets. Here at Duvets Direct we have you covered in both our popular polycotton percale and luxury Egyptian cotton fabrics.

We have all the standard UK sizes in stock and some of the new harder to find bed sizes, like European extra-long options and the increasingly popular electric bed sizes. So if you know your size but you are still unsure of the depth to pick do not hesitate to contact us and we are more than happy to point you in the right direction. Our standard sheets measure 12 inches deep, this is more than suitable for most mattress depths, on a standard 10” mattress you will have 2” inches of extra material to tuck under your mattress for a good fit. This extra depth ensures that the fabric is not too tight and when you move around while you sleep it will not ruck up the side wall of the mattress and end up somewhere further up the bed. However, if you have decided to go for one of the deeper options, we have the extra deep sheets. These have a depth of 15”, they are the ideal choice if you have a 12” mattress and maybe a mattress protector as well, it will provide ample cover for the vast majority on deep mattresses here in the UK. You may ask what can I do if I have topper? Well for that we have got the ultra-deep fitted sheet option, they are 18” deep and will virtually cover any mattress depth you come across. Ideally if your mattress depth and combination of protectors, etc, comes to around 16” deep then these would fit perfectly.

Our deep fitted sheets are elasticated at the four corners only so you can tuck under the rest of the material like a flat sheet. This is generally how the hotel sector like them to be, once they are tucked in they look neat and pristine whereas sheets that are elasticated all the way around can sometimes look gather or bunched up. Also, they are very hard to wash and iron so even the most expensive hotels prefer this style of sheet. If you have an electric bed you are better looking at sheets that are elasticated all the way around, just like the ones made from our luxury Coolmax fabric, as they will cling better to the mattress when you raise it up to read or watch TV. So no matter what you are looking for we have the right depth fitted sheets for you, if you cannot see what you want we can always have it made for you!


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