Dual Tog Partner Duvets

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What Are Dual Tog Duvets?

Partner Duvets are a fantastic idea, we are unique, so why would we both have the same sleeping requirements. If your partner is hotter than you at night then they may need a lighter duvet with a lower heat level, this is where the dual tog duvets come into their own. In the Scandinavian countries they opt for two different duvets to solve this issue but they can look messy on the bed and requires two duvet covers and twice the amount of work when it comes to washing and ironing time. So, our solution is to have just one duvet that is filled with two different levels on each side.

Dual Tog Partner Duvets

The concept is ingenious and so simple. One half of the duvet is filled with a certain amount of filling to give a specific tog rating for one person needs and the other half is made with a completely different tog for the other person’s needs. The result - one duvet with a different tog rating for each partner! You can then choose from a range of fillings, from luxury goose down, anti-allergy microfibre and winter warming feather and down fills. Each duvet then is encased in a luxury cotton cambric cover range from the mite and feather proof 233 thread count cases to the luxury down proof 300 thread count cotton case. You then have the option to choose the perfect warmth levels for you and your partner, starting at the summer 2.5 tog option going right up to the winter warming 13.5 tog, we are sure you will find the perfect combination to suit you both.

What's a better way to be able to comfortably sleep next to your partner without having to go into the other room or use a separate duvet. Our dual tog partner duvets are perfect for ensuring a great nights sleep with your loved one, no matter if you both like different temperatures at night.

It can be frustrating when you both want to sleep in the same bed but get the right temperature. With this fantastic concept, you can enjoy two different levels of warmth in one duvet. If your partner gets too hot at night, try one of these, and you won't regret it.

At Duvet Direct, we offer a range of duvets to choose from. Whether it's a duck down dual tog duvet or a goose feather version, we'll have one to suit both of your needs. Get the best nights sleep and order online with free delivery.

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