Dual Tog Partner Duvets

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What is a dual tog partner duvet I hear you ask and do I need one? Well the short answer is, if you are reading this then you probably do. We are all different when we sleep, some of us like it hot and others prefer to be cooler but when we buy a duvet we are literally given the same option. What I mean by this is that the duvet comes with one tog heat rating, the most bought tog in the UK is a10.5 tog which for the average person will do for most of the year except for the summer months.

However, what do you do when your partner is too hot or too cold and you don’t want to swap your duvet because you have the right heat setting for you. Well, have a look at the dual tog duvets, basically you can choose what tog rating you want for your side of the bed and your partner can choose their desired heat setting for their side of the duvet, it is literally split into two halves but still only one duvet, genius!

luxury dual tog partner duvets

So all you have to do is choose the filling you want, a lightweight anti-allergy synthetic fill from Dacron, European feather and down fills which are better suited to those of us who like a heavier weight duvet or the luxury 100% pure down option like the duck down and ultra luxurious Siberian goose down, they are super light and drape over the body for that extra special feeling of being in a 5 star hotel. They are all made right here in the UK and wrapped up in the finest 300 thread count cotton cases, with baffle wall construction and cassette stitching to ensure that you receive a quality UK duvet that will last for years to come and more importantly save you from having to fight over who gets which duvet.

Should you have any questions about the dual tog partner duvets or you would like more advice, please do not hesitate to ask us, as we are more than happy to help you choose the right duvet for you.


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