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Should I Buy A Goose Down Duvet? 

The short answer is yes, they perform the best in every aspect of warmth, heat regulation, softness, lightness and overall feeling of luxury and comfort, but why is this? Well, have you ever seen a cold goose, or even one that is suffering from heat exhaustion? The best defence against the elements can be found in nature, pure down is an amazing natural fibre but what should you be looking for to make sure you are getting what you have paid for? You would think that buying a branded filling like Siberian, Canadian or Hungarian goose down would come with certain guarantees which give you the confidence that you are getting the quality you expect. This is not necessarily true, not every part of the down and feather are classed as grade 1, some of the lower grades can be passed on to cheaper duvets but can still be classed as a branded duvet. So how do you really know?

We send you our duvets direct to your door from reputable manufacturers such as Euroquilt/Dusal and Die Zudecke, they have been supplying the UK market with the finest duvets for over 25 years, they are renowned for producing high quality hotel standards of craftmanship and the fillings that they use can be traced back to the European or Canadian farms that the down was sourced from. This traceability is key to ensuring that sustainable and environmental conditions are being met and you receive the filling you have requested. Goose down duvets provides you with exceptional insulating qualities and has a light and soft feeling to it so the next step is to check its fill power rating, a pure down duvet should have a rating of over 750 if it is deemed to be clean and light enough to give you the full benefits of being suitable for both summer and winter use, regulating your body temperature and retaining the warmth within the duvet means you can be confident of getting a good night’s sleep. Fill power is the ratio of volume to weight, the more fill power a material has, the less of it is required to provide the same volume of filling. so, when you use a fill material with high fill power, your duvets will be lighter. If you want the best material, then Canadian and Hungarian goose down is considered by many to be absolutely the best in its class, ensure that the filling conforms to the following certifications of quality standards so you can be rest assured that your new purchase is not only good for you but the environment and the ethical treatment of animals:

So when you have finally narrowed it down to the filing you want, the next thing to check is the case. We would recommend a luxury cotton cambric case with cassette construction and internal baffle walls, this is to make sure that the cotton is strong so that no filling can escape and the cassette stitching stops the down leaking into other cells while the internal baffle walls keep the down evenly distributed in the cells. To keep up the luxury feeling the optimum thread count should be no more than 300 thread as the cotton can be too soft and will not last as long, it may feel great now but you are making an investment in your sleep for the longer term. This is also ideal as certain sateen dobby check style covers do not keep you cool as they do not have the same ability to wick away excess body moisture, they stay damp for longer which is not ideal, especially in summer.

So to recap, always check the country of origin, is it really made here in the UK or Germany? Does it confirm to all the environmental and ethical certifications we have mentioned above? Does it have the correct cotton case, if so and you are sure you have satisfied yourself, then go ahead and make the right investment into your sleep. The benefits of this is well documented and far out ways any upfront cost of buying an expensive duvet. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about our goose down duvets, we are here to help!


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