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Why Buy A Wool Duvet? 

Well they are 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable, and also completely homegrown.  It also helps us reduce our carbon footprint, boosts agriculture and supports the UK economy. Britain breeds more types of sheep than any other country in the world, with over sixty different pure breeds and many more half, cross and rare breeds. Each breed varies considerably in appearance and so their wool is varied too. This is one of the reasons why British breeds offer such significant benefits, including character and superior quality.

So why choose Wool for your next duvet or pillow? One of the best things about this filling is that is naturally regulates temperature better than most other fibres, the amazing thing is that it will regulate the temperatures of two different people in the same bed. This natural process allows hot air to pass through the fibres depending on the tog rating you select and remove any moisture that is emitted from your body keeping you dry and fresh all night long. All wool products do this but the more you process the wool or spin into yarns the less it can regulate heat. Therefore, we always use wool that has undergone as little processing as possible keeping the natural state of the wool as much as possible.

All our pillows, duvets and mattress enhancers are made from the very best British Wool, ethically and environmentally produced right here in the UK. We select the best fleeces and make them into some of the finest products you buy. Our Alpaca, Organic and machine washable ranges are also lanolin free making them ideal for any allergy sufferers. Wool is also excellent when it comes to coverage in the duvet, it fills the cells giving you all over warmth leaving no cold spots or areas where the fillings cannot reach. Wool reacts to heat and moisture from the body and will wick away both moisture and heat from the body it can also retain that heat thereby regulating body temperature rather than merely acting as an insulator. 

Unless you select the machine washable duvet, we always state that handwashing or dry cleaning is the best way to look after your duvet or pillow, however if you have a very, very, gentle cycle on your machine it is possible to machine wash it.  Untreated wool will shrink if subjected to anything more than the gentlest wash, if you're not sure then a gentle hand wash will do, line dry, but DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. You will be amazed how quickly wool will dry without the need for tumble drying. Wool is an extremely clean organic fabric, you only have to look into the fleece on a sheep's back and see how clean it is. It's a much cleaner filling than polyester or goose down, you can always air it out on a sunny day and let nature do the cleaning for you. 

But just to be sure that buying British is the best way, just think of it this way, some sheep are naturally self-shearing, some just love a summer haircut. There is no factory sheep farming here in the UK, so you can best rest assured that the wool you are using is sustainable and good for the animals and the environment.


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