Microfibre Duvets

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Why Choose A Microfibre Duvet?

Well, it used to be always based on price but with todays superior quality filings from Dupont, synthetic fills like Comforel and Aerelle Cool really makes a difference that other fillings cannot match. Its true, the cheapest duvets on the market are synthetic fills but like everything else you get what you pay for, most of our premium fill duvets are made right here in the UK. This is to ensure that we supply the best quality products that are made more sustainably, ethically and environmentally friendly to both us and the planet. Microfibre feels super lightweight and soft, Dacron fills are designed and manufactured to feel like natural down, the individual microfibres move and react to heat and will help your body to naturally regulate heat by moving apart and releasing trapped warm air much like a down duvet would.

Microfibre duvets

This type of duvet is ideal for everyone, especially for children and the elderly. The mainly polyester fibres are fully machine washable and tumble dry safe, just follow the wash care label for years of trouble free use. They are low maintenance, just a good shake to revitalise them is all that is required to get air back into the fibres and they will feel just as good as new. This is the benefit of the latest synthetic fills, cheaper duvets still use tightly woven and dense fibres which flatten over time as there is no space between them. Our latest Allerban duvets from Dupont also offer superior levels of protection from bacteria and the dreaded house dust mites, they ensure that nothing like this can live inside and move around the duvet. If you want a breathable duvet that is good for hot night sweat sufferers, have a look at the Aerelle Cool Nights Duvets, the fillings have been manufactured to absorb excess heat from the body and dissipate it extremely quickly ensuring that heat build up does not ruin a good night’s sleep. So you can see that you don’t have to spend an absolute fortune to get a good quality luxury duvet at a price that is right.


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