British Wool Duvets

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Why Buy British Wool Duvets? Well it is 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable, and also completely homegrown.  It also helps us reduce our carbon footprint, boosts agriculture and supports the UK economy. Britain breeds more types of sheep than any other country in the world, with over sixty different pure breeds and many more half, cross and rare breeds. Each breed varies considerably in appearance and so their wool is varied too. This is one of the reasons why British breeds offer such significant benefits, including character and superior quality.

No two people are the same so why choose a duvet that will only respond in one way. That is why wool is so perfect for the individual. The wool fibre is encased in finest cotton allowing the fill to work with your body as it sleeps. As the ambient temperature in the room changes through the night, and your body enters and exits the different phases of sleep, the wool is keeping in the warmth and moderating the moisture around you. This effect keeps you at a temperature and comfort level unmatched by other duvet fills. It is simply an immersive and opulent experience to be enjoyed night after night.