Mattress Toppers

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Mattress Toppers are the ideal way to transform your sleeping experience, if your mattress is due for a change or is too hard or even too soft, this could be the perfect answer for you. Mattresses are very expensive these days and they offer so much choice now it is hard to understand the benefits we are deriving from them but after a hard day at work, you want to go to bed and feel relaxed and wake up rested for the next day’s adventures.

So getting a good night’s sleep is essential, we have all heard this before but what does a mattress topper do for me I hear you ask? Well, the superior quality dual layer toppers offer you unparalleled levels of posture control and comfort, the bottom layer evens out any hard bumps and lumps and allows you to rest into the sumptuously soft top layer for the sleeping on a cloud experience. These are the very best in terms of comfort and quality. Then there is the type you would find in a hotel, not just any hotel but a quality 4 or 5 star establishment, they are often a single layer topper but filled with a quality mix of feathers and down, normally 70% feathers and 30% down, these are really good in terms of posture and out right comfort, they offer a fine balance between being too hard and too soft and they are equivalent to a good quality naturally filled mattress. Then to finish off the naturally filled versions, there is the feather and down topper, filled with 85% feather and 15% down, this is the budget offer but no means the least comfortable, if you have a soft mattress that is sagging a little this is the perfect answer as it offers the best posture control.

But I have allergies, yes I hear you and we have you catered for there too! The synthetic fillings are now much more advanced that ever, ranging from the hotel favourite Dacron Comforel range to the latest Coolnights and Eco Softflex fillings from Aerelle. The toppers are normally single layer and are hand filled in Scotland to ensure the highest quality you can buy here in the UK. Synthetic fillings are all hypoallergenic and treated to ensure  that duvet mites and mould cannot form or live inside them, they are much lighter to move around and easy to wash them should you need to. They still have the same high quality cassette stitching and luxury internal baffle walls as the more expensive natural filled mattress toppers, even right down to the cotton percale cases they use.

So if you are still not sure which topper would suit you the best, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us as we are more than happy to guide you through the options to ensure you get the best possible comfort and posture control from your new mattress topper.