Silk Duvets

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How good is silk bedding for you? We all spend a lot of time and money trying to look as good as we can but did you know that your bedding can also help to improve the complexion of your skin and hair, all while you sleep! Reducing friction from fabrics while you sleep helps to improve vitality and fabrics made from silk are one of the best bedding options you can buy. We spend so much time in bed that any help we can get is good right? Silk pillows are well known for reducing friction, they help keep you hair soft, moisturized and untangled, which in the long term will prevent damage. Other benefits include dust mite reduction, helping to alleviate any allergies and more importantly during the warmer months is heat regulation. Silk does not store heat, any excess warmth is quickly dissipated, leaving your head and neck cool and dry. 

Silk fabric can be dated back to the Stone Age. First spun in China, this is one of the oldest known luxury items in the world and is considered to be the best bedding you can sleep on. Also a very strong and resilient fabric, if cared for in the correct way it can last many years, still giving you the same benefits even 10 years later. This natural fibre is ideal for bedding as silk feels soft and luxurious and it looks amazing draped over the bed. Unlike other luxury fabrics it is light and is ideal if you get too hot at night or suffer from hot night sweats. Much better than cotton, as silk is better at wicking excessive sweat and moisture from the body. Some of the manmade bedding you buy can give you static electricity shocks, this isn’t a problem with silk as it does not store up static and shock you later on in the night.

In today’s modern world, we are subjected to many allergens and environmental pollutants, but you will be glad to know that silk sheets and pillowcases are spun organically. Most other fabrics, even cotton, can be treated harshly, even dying fabrics using chemicals can produce pollutants which are harmful to the environment. Silk is not dyed or treated with chemicals to improve its softness or appearance, doing so would ruin the fabric’s soft, smooth texture. The naturally low-wrinkle and fire-resistant fabric protects you against exposure to many of these chemicals. So there are many great reasons to buy silk bedding, it may be expensive and exotic but just think of those benefits again, helps to improve skin and hair, kind to your allergies and the environment, skin and kind to sore skin and bed sores and produced naturally and chemical free. 


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