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Choosing The Right Mattress Topper

Have you been thinking about buying a mattress topper? Do you have a tired or lumpy mattress that is just past it sell by date but you do not want to go to the expense of replacing it with a new one? Well we can give you a few ideas of the best types and fillings to choose from and which ones might be more suitable than another but sometimes you might just want that extra bit of luxury and comfort. It is amazing how many people visit a luxury hotel while on holiday and have the best nights sleep they have ever had and it’s just down to having a topper on the bed. So whether you are just looking to extend the life of your existing mattress or want some sumptuously soft luxury, a topper might just be what you are looking for. The main function of the mattress topper is provide extra cushioning and support. If your mattress suffers from being too firm, it can soften the sleeping surface considerably. If it is too soft, a dual layer combination mattress topper can add the perfect sleeping posture control. 

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Feather and Down Mattress Toppers

This option provides more rigidity and are better for a tired and droopy mattress or if it just too soft, they do not allow you to sink into them, so they provide better posture control. The 70% Hotel quality topper is the best way to go as you get the posture control and the softness all in one chamber, this represents one of the best value for money mattress toppers and the one you are most likely to come across in a luxury hotel. 

Microfibre Anti-Allergy Mattress Toppers 

This is the way to go if your mattress is just too hard, it will make even the hardest of orthopaedic mattresses a pleasure to sleep on. They are also ideal for the elderly and children as they have anti-allergy fillings that the dreaded dust mites just cannot live and breed in. They mould around your body shape and relieve the pressure on your joints. The denser they are, the more supportive they are.

Goose Down Combination Mattress Toppers

When you only what the best and money is no object, it really is time to treat yourself. The dual layers combine the best of all worlds, the top layer is so sumptuously soft it is like sleeping on a cloud, while the lower chamber is keeping everything in line, the posture controlling firmer chamber helps keep your spine and head in alignment.

All of our toppers are made right here in the UK using the very best fillings, they have internal baffle walls to keep the filling evenly distributed in the cells and super strong cassette stitching to ensure that the filling does not migrate into another cell. Complete with 4 elasticated corner straps to ensure that it is fixed to your mattress. We have two depths for you to choose from, the 7.5 cm topper is the most popular option but we also have the 12 cm deep version which is so deep and luxurious you just will not want to get out of bed. We are always asked how to look after your mattress topper but the best way is to cover it with a good quality mattress protector as toppers are hard to machine wash and tumble dry due to the size and weight. Treat it like you would your mattress and cover it with a protector that can be frequently washed.


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