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Goose Down Pillows can be an expensive purchase but are they a good investment? Getting a good night’s sleep is very important and choosing the right pillow support for you can be a matter of trial and error. Pure down pillows are perceived to be the best quality, giving you pure luxury and comfort all night long. They are super comfortable, the soft down fibres support your head and neck like sleeping on a cloud. If you sleep on your back or front there really is no other option as you need a pillow that is soft and allows your head and neck to align at the same time as gently supporting your muscles while you relax and sleep. Now, if money was no object we all should be sleeping on 100% down pillows, they come in soft, medium and firm comfort options, so they are ideal for all sleeping positions and you can fluff them up to give even greater support while you lie on your side.

One question we are often asked is, Can I use natural fillings if I suffer from allergies? The short answer is yes, choosing down from reputable sources in Europe ensures that the fillings are ethically treated and conform to the Nomite standard and also that no harmful chemicals and bleaches are used in the manufacturing process. The Oeko Tex 100 test also ensures that strict standards are adhered to. Most of our pillows are made in the UK, so you get that extra level of protection that you get with buying British made products. Look out for the Made in the UK sign to ensure you get the best hotel quality, it may be initially more expensive but the quality and longevity just shines through.

There many pillow options out there like synthetic fills, memory foam and latex, etc. If you suffer from hot night sweats or you just get too hot at night, avoid the foam and latex pillows as they can just act like a night storage heater, perfect in the cold winter months or if you are always cold at night but a nightmare in summer. Down is an excellent heat regulator, geese are always at the right temperature whether it is freezing cold or really hot during the summer, this is due to their bodies heat management and the down plays the most vital part in this. When the down is too warm it separates to allow the trapped warm air to be released, the soft fluffy fibres are designed solely for this purpose, yet when it is cold they also act as the perfect insulator trapping warm air and only letting it go when it gets too warm again. Nature really does have the best answers to most of our sleeping issues. Looking for a branded goose down like Canadian, Hungarian and European Goose Down can also give extra benefits as you can trace the source of the down to the specific farms. This extra detail ensures that you are getting what you pay for, this is after all an investment into your sleep and can cost quite a bit of money at the same time.

So just to recap, investing in your sleep gives you the opportunity to get the best night’s rest. The health benefits of getting 8 hours every night are self-evident and well documented. It all comes down to your budget, so it is worth saving up and getting the very best quality. How many times have you bought a budget range pillow and only after a few months or a year thought that this pillow is just flat or lumpy and actually makes you feel like moving positions all the time in order to find the perfect sleeping position. Not only does it rob you of sleep, it will also cost you more in the long run. A good quality goose down pillow should last for 5 years or more, if you look after it and cover it with a good quality pure cotton pillowcase, it should last you even longer than this. Some of our customers say that they have Canadian goose down pillows that are over 10 years old. So you really do get what you pay for, please do not hesitate to ring us or drop us an email if you need any further advice as we are more than happy to assist you.


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