What is a TOG rating? We are often asked this question and it basically means Thermal Overall Grade. The Thermal Overall Grade (Tog) is the unit of measurement used to rate the warmth and insulation of a duvet. It is universal and covers both synthetic microfibre fills and natural fillings such feather and down and the more expensive pure down fills. Getting the right Tog rating is essential to give you the perfect nights sleep. If you are too hot at night or too cold, this can result in a poor sleep, so getting it right will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So what is the TOG for me? Well first  of all lets go with the fillings, synthetic fills are lighter and also anti-allergenic making them good for children and anyone with any allergies. They are available in nearly every tog rating you can think of. The most popular all round rating is the 10.5 tog, this is ideal for Autumn, Spring and sometimes Winter depending on the type of house you sleep in. Colder houses may need the more insulated 13.5 tog rating in order to keep you warm. For Spring use, any tog rating below 7.5 tog is better suited to the warmer months, as not only are they lighter but they breathe more easily allowing trapped warm air to move freely from the body through the fillings. Natural fillings are the more expensive and luxurious options, at the bottom end of the scale is the heavier weight feather and down options. These are ideal if you like a heavier weighted duvet, this traps warm air and keeps you much warmer during the colder months and as with the synthetic fills anything above 10.5 tog is ideal for all year round use. Pure down duvets are the luxury option, they are super lightweight, better for people that get warm at night as they release trapped warm air more efficiently than another fillings.

Tog ratings are fairly straight forward, the summer togs range from the superlight 2.5 tog to the spring 7 tog duvet. Autumn and spring togs are normally anything up to 10.5 tog and the Winter options include the 13.5 tog and the winter weight 15.5 tog. If you suffer from being too cold in winter and too warm in summer, have a look at the all seasons options as they give you two duvets in one. A 4.5 tog summer weight duvet and a medium weight 9 tog duvet for the milder months and then you can combine the two to make a 13.5 tog winter duvet, this is sure to keep out even the coldest nights here in the UK.

There really is a good range of options to suit everyone, if you are not sure please get in touch with us as we are more than happy to guide you through the vast array of fillings, threads counts and tog ratings that you can encounter whilst shopping online.